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Dell back in the 's. There are many other programs based on "Drug Wars" available on the net; some of these are listed below. Please note that these programs are not all free software, and are not compatible with "dopewars" from this site for example, you cannot connect to a dopewars server with Beermat's Windows program - if you want a Windows or Mac OS X version of "this" dopewars, check out the download page.

Dope Wars for Windows Beermat Software.

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By far the most popular dopewars-like game. Only available for Windows, only supports single-player games, and is not free; however, a free trial version is available, and high scores can be posted on Beermat's website. Dopewars Also Windows-only. An incomplete Windows version. Chronic Another Windows version, with graphics. A Windows version written in Visual Basic, and set in St. Source code available on request. Shareware; registration required. Drug Wars. Drug Lord. Drug Lord 2. A free Windows version. DopeWars for PalmOS.

Matt Lee's classic PalmOS version. Freeware, with source code. Dopewars for PocketPC. Dopewars for Blackberry. Dopewars for Psion Palmanac Software. Available for the Psion Series 5 or Series 7. Dope Mart.

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  • DopeWars (free version) download for Mac OS X.

An online version of the game. Java Dope Wars. Another online version. Online multi-player version. Online dopewars. Another online multi-player version, which is closely based on the dopewars from this site. For playing dopewars on your mobile phone. DopeWars for the Amiga dopewars in Perl All of a sudden the game just stops for no reason, and I have to restart.

Make a fortune dealing drugs on the streets of New York...

What's going on? You only get a month 31 days to make your fortune; after this your time is up! How do I get a longer game? If you are connecting to a public dopewars server, however, the number of turns is set by whoever runs the server, and you cannot change it.

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The game could do with some sounds or extra graphics - can you add them? I can't draw, and don't have access to a recording studio. If, however, you can provide suitable sounds or graphics, I will be only too happy to incorporate them into the game. Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote.

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