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Through the Thunderbolt port. That port can drive a Thunderbolt or DisplayPort monitor at resolutions of up to x pixels the resolution of a 30" monitor. If you don't want to use the Thunderbolt port and its ability to support high-resolution monitors, you can attach a single low-resolution monitor to the HDMI port. Mini DisplayPort-to-Thunderbolt is the obvious configuration.

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If you're not willing to use the Thunderbolt port, and the Mini's HDMI port is rated at x pixels maximum, then there aren't any adapters that are going to help. Thanks a lot. Let me clarify: I'm not concerned which ports to use. I just don't want to buy the Apple screen to get to that resolution. As long as there is an adapter that works on that port I'm ok.

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  7. You can plug pretty much any Mini DisplayPort monitor or adapter into a Thunderbolt port. The monitor has to be the only monitor plugged into the port. If there is a chain of Thunderbolt accessories drives, USB3 adapters, etc.

    How to Show All Possible Screen Resolutions for a Display in Mac OS X

    And I want something that is more that ppi. More screen real estate in a smaller form factor would be great. And the Apple display is too expensive for what it is. It's a 24" display with a native resolution of x, and I use it with a Images are remarkably sharp, and it's a nice matte display I don't know whether you're going to find x or greater resolution in a smaller monitor.

    Not really. If you go for the high-end NECs and Eizos, you can find more color calibration features, but then, you're also talking about spending more money. And mediocre if used as a photography monitor, especially for that price. The NECs would be a better choice.

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    In fact, not only no problem, but am very happy with whole setup, managing a 20K library easily. I think this is exactly what I'm going to try out - pending the next generation of the mini. Be careful here. OSX is the most advanced OS in the world only in marketing It does not support resolution independence. And there are no reports that this year upgrade Mountain Lion will support it.

    If you buy the Apple display, you don't get any of that. What you spent the money on was a Thunderbolt port, a camera, docking ports, and a beautiful case. Which is fine And you do get a lot of pixels. Note that I am all Mac, so this is not anti-Apple.

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    If your priority is photography, you want the features in the first paragraph. The Apple display is really optimized for busy laptop users who want to plug in one Thunderbolt cable and have access to a complete desktop system, it is very good at that.

    Don't forget what Lloyd Chambers referred to as "brain-dead ergonomics" of the Apple display. Eizos apparently have an even more versatile stand. That I wouldn't mind actually - it actually appears that Apple is moving in a different direction with their "retina" screens if they come and if rumors are true. In those they would double the basic current resolution and then make everything twice as big. It was unable to detect a resolution as there was no display connected, the app worked flawlessly! Thanks so much!

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    This allowed me to overcome the Mac flaw and choose the proper setting! Thank you so much for writing the helpful article. Even I changed the monitor also but my Mac Mini Monitor resolution cannot be changed. Suddenly I got the solution and be able to fix my monitor resolution.

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    Thanks again to the Admin. Any idea how to get any more resolutions listed? I should also note that Windows 10 autodetected the same monitor and set the resolution correctly without me doing anything at all. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Wilf Forrow says: August 27, at 4: Wharf Xanadu says: August 28, at Laurence Cedar says: September 3, at Scott says: July 18, at 3: Sam M says: February 11, at 5: Shane S says: December 15, at 2: Mac Mini late second monitor resolution Ask Question.

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    Let me know if you have any ideas or if you need any more info. Vasi Vasi 16 6. The problem might be the adaptor. If these don't work, I'd try a different adaptor. Good Luck. Thanks very much for your help Mark, in the end I bought a genuine apple adapter from the apple store and it worked.