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Why Use Brackets?

It's made by other web developers like you! Learn How to Contribute…. Instead of jumping between file tabs, Brackets lets you open a window into the code you care about most.

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Get a real-time connection to your browser. Also see where your CSS selector is being applied in the browser by simply putting your cursor on it. It's the power of a code editor with the convenience of in-browser dev tools. Work with preprocessors in a whole new way.

IntelliSense: JavaScript APIs at your fingertips.

We know how important preprocessors are to your workflow. Show indent guides in the code editor. Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes automatically. Check Out New Extensions. Go to Blog. Brackets was founded by Adobe as a community guided, open source project to push web development editors to the next level. Brackets Menu. GitHub Twitter.

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JavaScript Validator. EditRocket includes a JavaScript compressor that compresses scripts resulting in faster downloads. JavaScript Compressor.

VS Code - A Faster JavaScript Editor

Code more effeiciently with the JavaScript Sidekick. The sidekick gives users the ability to quickly enter many common JavaScript constructs into the text editor with the click of a button, or via customizable keyboard shortcuts. Some examples of code assistant options are for loop syntax, function syntax, and if, if else, and else syntax.

The sidekick also includes a tab for the JavaScript Function Navigator. JavaScript Sidekick.

7 Best Javascript Editors for Mac Computers

Jump from function to function easily with the JavaScript Function Navigator. The navigator parses the editor contents for JavaScript functions and displays them in a clickable list. Clicking an option from the list takes the user directly to the point in the editor where the function is defined. Sidekicks, code builders, function navigators, program execution, and more.

Best Javascript Editors for Mac

Auto code completion, tag completion, and lookup for many programming languages. Compares files similar to the Unix diff command.

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