Landslide fleetwood mac guitar tutorial

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Landslide - Acoustic Guitar - Fleetwood Mac - Chords

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4 steps to master Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide with fingerstyle guitar

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Landslide - Fleetwood Mac |

Trending Recent. Barron's On: Facebook Vs. Twitter Vs. How Do Key S This Day In Market History: Insider Buys Of The Week: Texas Roadhouse's Q4 Earnings Preview. In a proper, four finger — classical guitar technique, we would place our thumb on the lowest note and our index, middle and ring finger on the consecutive strings. Then we would use the finger assigned to each string. This is a quite simple approach but Folk players tend to use a different one. Instead, they play the whole sequence with only three fingers, thumb, index and middle, assigning the thumb the two lower notes.

But why? The choice of picking fingers is directly linked to the differences between the roots of classical and folk music.

Download Landslide Fleetwood Mac Tab

In classical music we look for an even sound coming from the fingers. Also, in classical music we use fluctuations of the rhythm, making some parts faster or slower to match the feel of the moment. Also, we need a steady pulse that drives the songs with a firm beat, for which we will assign the lower notes to the thumb.

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Steps 2, 3 and 4: Add the notes on the higher strings.